We'll guide you through the process of
adding a gym to your clinic.

Transform your practice into a profitable front end that leads to an unlimited backend with recurring revenue that aligns with your patients desired outcome.

Double Your Income

Create recurring membership income so you can make more money, eliminate your student...

Get Your Time Back!

Eliminate long 16 hour days + create freedom in your life to pursue what really matters to you, without sacrificing your business.

Provide better patient care

Guide your patiens through effective maintenance care that you actually believe in and stop leaving patients to "fend for themselves".

Accelerator Program

Do you want your clinic to be one of the best providers of fitness and health care?

Integrate fitness with the great care of Chiropractic through the Accelerator Program! Create the best hybrid gym model and experience now the perks of having an ULTIMATE BUSINESS MODEL for your clinic.

Accelerator Program *Not an actual product. For ilustration purposes only.

Revolutionize Your Practice!

STOP trading your time for money and just waiting around for things to magically "get better". Create the change now!

Create an exciting practice with positive patients, a well trained staff, and a business model that works FOR you, not against you.

Let's Strategize

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Dr. Chip Bleam

“Josh’s knowledge and guidance helped me grow enough membership revenue to pay my rent in the first month!”

Dr. Bryce Christianson

“A $60 DOT physical left with a $2497 12 month fitness package. The best part: I didn't do anything other than train my staff & hire Josh to help them too. & to fulfill that, I don't have to do anything.”

Dr Dan Leonard

“We are moving into a brand new 5,000 facility and will be looking to add $25,000 of recurrent gym revenue in the first 18 months. I seriously cannot recommend Josh’s program enough.”

What makes Clinic Gym Hybrid Solutions so different?

When it comes to growing their practices, most clinicians are so busy treating patients that they don’t know where to start. Stage 1 of our Clinic Expansion Program helps companies understand that their patients are looking for so they can offer their services in such a way that people respond.

Stage 2 will guide these clinicians to the implementation of the strategy to serve their clients better while growing their income. We know how hard it is to grow a thriving practice that actually makes money. And when you revolutionize what you offer your patients, your income goes up, your number of new patients increases, and your team members become a sales force that build your practice and increase your revenue even when you aren’t there.

The Clinic Expansion Program was created by Dr. Josh Satterlee. Dr. Josh has studied the Chiropractic and fitness businesses for decades, and, because of this, he is versed in the business models that actually work in today’s crowded market. Dr. Josh has taught thousands of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, nurses, and osteopaths all about the treatment and diagnosis side of movement injuries. After doing this, however, he realized something is missing. The Clinic Expansion Program was created to help him expand his own company, and the process resulted in him doubling his revenue without adding more work hours to his own schedule. Since then, he has gone on to consult dozens of busy Chiropractors and Physical Therapists. These clinicians have gone on to dramatically increase their revenue after implementing the Clinic Expansion Program.

In this 2-phase coaching program, you will:

  • Learn a strategic model used by the most successful businesses around. You will completely understand how a hybrid clinic works and why it’s the most powerful model to free yourself from your practice but not from your income.
  • See how the strategy creates better long-term patient care that aligns with the patient’s own goals and you’ll see why they are excited to pay more for it.
  • You’ll apply these methods in your own practice and increase your revenue while your schedule is freed up.

New patients are hard to come by. When they leave or stop getting treatment, another patient must take their place in your practice for you to succeed. Once you create a hybrid clinic/gym model, each patient finishing their treatment plan is an opportunity for a long-term gym client. In marketing terms, it’s a perfect back-end upsell. Companies with an upsell have twice the profit as those without, and it’s a larger opportunity to improve your patient’s health. Apply for a strategy call today and spend just 15 minutes to find out if this program will work for you. Why? Because you’ll never be able to maximize the value of that hard-earned license and gain your time freedom without this model.

What’s my investment? How much are you losing every time a patient finishes treatment and walks out your front door? How many hours are left on your schedule to increase your income? How much more energy can you invest without being able to take a vacation? The wrong business model may already causing you a great deal.

The 3-Step Process

Step 1: Analyze and Organize

Growth is easy when you’re organized and clear on your goals. We guide you to create your vision and we build a plan to get there, while honoring your unique practice style. Once you are crystal clear, you are able to lead your practice, your patients, and your team to a better level of patient care that includes fitness. That clarity will also lead to a new business model.

Step 2: Train Your Staff and Implement

Once we’ve helped develop a crystal clear plan, we help train your team to take the workload off of you. Then as you monitor progress and maintain the vision, your staff increases their capabilities and strive to create additional streams of income- including fitness- that drive your practice forward. Step 2 ends with Fitness programs running in your gym

Step 3: Vacation

Now that your team has increased their capabilities AND they are producing revenue without you, it’s time to test the system. And the best way to test your system is by taking a much-deserved vacation. While you’re gone, your practice will run without you, your clients will receive incredible care, and your income won’t stop, even though you are gone. Its time to celebrate and prepare for the growth that’s coming.

Build the Practice of Your Dreams

Benefit 1:

You get time back. No More 16 Hour days!

Benefit 2:

Double your income off the same "book of business."

Benefit 3:

Provide more compelete, better care for your patients!