September 4

YEP. It’s THAT Simple.

I remember reading this article one time in Dynamic Chiropractic.

They were doing market research, and they asked the same question to 400 patients that were going to a chiropractor who offered massage.

The question was:

“Why haven't you booked a massage yet?”

Can you guess what the most common response was?

It was

“Oh, I didn't know they offered that here.”

Yep!! It was THAT simple.

I think it's super common for even our best clients to often not know everything that we have.

But if you start a new program, or offer some extra service, those people will become your loyal fan club.

They just need some more information to tell all about you to their friends and family.

That's taking somebody who is already buying from you.

Somebody who, as they say in marketing,

already knows, likes, and trusts you.

And take it further to allow them

  • to get more information
  • to understand you better
  • and to engage with you for more of what they want.

In our world this might be something like,

“Oh, I didn't know you offered monthly memberships for workouts. I would love that. I would love to have you guys work me out because you understand my body.”

So if your marketing has mostly been focusing on getting new patients… Well, maybe you have a potential fan club just waiting to happen right there, right now.

How sure are you that your existing patients know all about what you have to offer?

Do they know all the options they have?

My suggestion after reading this post is to think about how you can show your existing patients all your value…

It might all be as simple as Oh, I didn't know you have that!”

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