September 9

What’s The Most OVERLOOKED Tool In Your Office?

Somebody asked me recently which tool I think is the most overlooked and ignored by people.

I'd say the number one in that list is the phone.

The thing is, most people are just using it to receive calls. Well, It turns out that those buttons are for outgoing calls, can you believe that??

The phone is powerful and can make any office so much money.

Having a phone and phone scripts is just free money that most people are overlooking.

Now, how can you use that tool in a productive way that'll bring results?

First, you gotta figure out who you best serve. Whether it's golfers, runners, triathletes… it doesn't matter, as long as you know the group you're going after.

Then you have to set up scripts that use their secret language.

Let's say you're going after triathletes. They talk a lot about transition times, which is the time it takes them to transfer from swim to bike and from bike to run.

They call them transition one and transition two, or T1 and T2.

Now, if you just happen to weave in some talk about transitions and mention these very specific terms, all of a sudden the ears of the triathletes will perk up. They'll be thinking,

“Oh, this person knows something. They understand my sport.”

And then if you say, “Yeah, be sure to bring your cycling shoes and your running shoes so we can take a look at them at your first visit.”

Subconsciously they're building trust with you because you guys have more and more common ground.

So as you think about who you want to call, it would be good to have an idea about what is it that your clients respond to. Especially if it's something that might be overlooked or that's specific to that group.

Then, make sure that you include that language in every time.

Get them thinking

“Oh man, that's so true.”

If your scripts have that element, it builds a certain level of trust and rapport long before you even have to examine them or treat them.

Make sure to use their language and that can go a long way in your marketing efforts.

And if this is what you've been looking for – a way to build a relationship with your patients and make them stick with you – you'd be a great fit for Clinic Gym Connect.

All our features focus on engaging your clients and really bringing them closer.

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