September 8

What Would You Tackle Next?

If you're ever looking for a great book to read I highly recommend Brené Brown's book, Dare to Lead.

She talks about leadership, not from the militaristic or organizational perspective, but from the human being and emotional experience perspective.

It's one of the few books I've ever seen take that approach, and man I love it.

However, when I get about halfway into the book, it is pretty painful to realize all the times I've made mistakes and assumed the other person was working one way when in fact they're working another.

This has certainly worked to improve my relationship with my wife, and most likely my team.

One thing that really strikes me about Brené's work is she talks about courage.

And she talks about courage not as your willingness to step off a bridge and jump into water, or your willingness to do something that appears brave,

she talks about the fact that courage only lives when there's fear, and the more fear that develops inside of you, the more courage it would take to have an action to face that fear.

It's an interesting concept that I never heard anybody else speak of.

I mean, think about it. When a soldier does something incredibly heroic, it's not because he's not scared… it's the fact that he is scared and still chose to do those heroic acts that's most impressive.

When a child is very nervous about swinging his or her bat in a baseball or softball game,

and the stands are full of people,

and the other team has a heck of a pitcher,

and they still step up, even though they're scared, and they still perform… that's quite impressive.

So my question to you is, how can you be more courageous in a way to build your Clinic/Gym Hybrid?

Could you have the courage to tear down a wall?

Yes, it's scary, but facing that fear and moving forward anyways is the definition of courage.

  • Could you announce to your patients in a method to commit yourself to this project that you will have a gym by a certain date?

Yes, that would be scary, but facing that fear and demonstrating the courage to move forward will help your business grow.

  • Could you make some cold calls about exercise programs you're now offering?

Man, for most people that I know cold calling takes a ton of courage. Because it's the scariest, ugliest feeling ever to have to make those calls and start a conversation.

Nobody likes doing that, but even if you're willing to face that fear and tackle it, that will obviously help grow your Clinic/Gym Hybrid.

If I use the term to market courageously, what would that make you think of?

If you were to sell courageously, what actions would that include?

I've been asking myself this question in how we approach Clinic/Gym Hybrid, and I'm trying to write it out over and over and over again to have this courage when I'm marketing and selling in a way to help more people.

It would be so easy, yet, and there would be no fear if I were to just sit back and wait for passive sales to occur…

But look, that's not moving forward, that's not changing the world, and that's not living the life that I want to live.

So, if you ever get a chance to read Brené Brown's book, step back and look at your processes and ask,

“How would I do this if I were incredibly brave? If I were courageous and I faced the very fears of the thing I don't want to do to grow this?”

What would you tackle next?

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