November 26

What Are You Grateful For?

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to you.

This year, Thanksgiving is a little bit different for everybody. I'm celebrating out in Los Angeles area. Here, the governor and the mayor have all encouraged people to celebrate Thanksgiving with fewer people, less loud music and no singing or dancing.

I don't know why the singing or dancing really matters.

But it certainly is different than any other year I can remember. I hope that your Thanksgiving this year is a little bit different and a little bit better.

I wanted to be sure to send out an email talking all about things. I don't want to sell anything. I don't want to make any promotions about our “Black Friday event” or anything like that. I think it's a day of reflection.

We look back, we can see a lot of things that we're thankful for.

Here's a couple of things that I wanted to make sure that I say I'm thankful for.

Number #1 – the Clinic Gym Hybrid discussion group.

It's a group of amazing people. I certainly enjoy being in there interacting with everybody, but that group almost disappeared this year. So I'm certainly thankful I was able to take ownership of it.

It used to be a division of the FTCA, but there were some disagreement as to what the group should do and what it's about.

In the end, I came away with it this year and I want to make sure I give thanks for that.

Taking control of that group and purchasing it was one of the best moves I've ever made in my business career. It's a great group of people and I'm so thankful it didn't disappear randomly one day.

Number #2 – I got to say, as crazy as it sounds, this year I'm thankful for Zoom.

My team, in fact, even the person publishing this post, are based in Brazil. I have a copywriter down there as well as a tech ninja.

The crazy thing is when we have meetings, it's just the same as having a meeting with somebody who is one block away via Zoom.

Zoom enables us almost to transport ourselves into the same office as the other person. With Zoom's improvements through logging in, their ability to display your iPhone, a whiteboard and all sorts of different features.

I love Zoom. A year ago I thought it was kind of a cool tool. Now, I can't imagine running business without it.

We've even used it on the family front to have Zoom birthday parties, Zoom cocktail hours and Zoom game nights just to hang out with all of our family. It's super cool.

Lastly, I got to say, more than ever, I'm thankful for in-person schooling for my kids.

Taking my kids to school and picking them up used to be thought of as a little bit of a chore until recently.

For awhile, they were virtual. Then they went back to a half day schedule Monday through Friday.

Now, they're back to virtual again.

In the end, it's crazy to see how much they flourish and develop when they are in-person.

Seeing their little mini relationships develop with the person who sits next to them, behind them, all the friends that they make and all the stories they tell is very much appreciated and I certainly enjoy it.

So whenever school goes back to in-person, I certainly will be thankful for that, as much as I was thankful for the period of time it was in-person.

It really makes a difference in their lives and it makes me light up knowing that they're learning important things in life, like the words to “Jingle bells, Batman smells, Joker laid an egg.”

Somehow my kids came home with that, even though I sang that 30 years ago, 35 years ago, as a young kid in elementary school, and somehow it survived the test of time.

That's super important.

With that, I want to make sure I say this.

I'm thankful for you.

  • If you're reading this email,
  • if you subscribe to my list,
  • if you've bought my book,
  • if you've bought any of our products,
  • if you've signed up for Clinic Gym Connect,
  • if you've ever gotten a text message from me and responded to it,

…It doesn't matter what it is, but I certainly am thankful.

A lot of times as an entrepreneur, we come up with product ideas and business ideas, and the toughest thing for me personally is wondering if people are truly interested in them or if I'm just being an annoyance.

When I get a response via text or somebody finds value in the product or they sing the praises of the Facebook group or any of those things, it reassures me that we're on the right path.

So many times I think that I'm not on the right path, but luckily throughout the year, I've had a lot of people who have responded back and it reassures me that we're doing the right thing.

Chiropractic can be a funky business, but I feel like in this Clinic Gym Hybrid discussion group and through my products, I found the most sane people that I can get along with the best.

That makes me happy and it keeps me excited for the future.

With that, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you're celebrating with just yourself or with your entire family.

No matter what it is, enjoy yourself.

Thank you.

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