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Revealed: The Minimum Equipment Necessary to Start a Clinic/Gym Hybrid

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About the Webinar

​Avoid overspending on your initial equipment list by learning the tricks of the industry. Too many Chiropractors spend WAY too much on equipment they just don’t need. Don't fall into that trap!

Webinar Date & Time: Thursday 27th June

11:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM MST / 2:00 PM EST

Hi, I’m Josh Satterlee!

About the Host:

Dr. Josh Satterlee has spent the last 6 years perfecting the Clinic/Gym Hybrid model.

He believes that too many hard working chiropractors are stuck inside their clinics trading time for money, and can’t create any freedom from longer hours for less pay. 

His model helps these chiropractors make more money, provide better patient care, all while creating more time off.

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You'll learn about...

How to Avoid Overspending
on Equipment. Too many chiropractors spend too much money on equipment they just don’t need. Learn how to avoid the most common money pitfalls.

The Best Bang for the Buck.

Find out which equipment serves your office the best. We’ll show you which pieces get used the most, and which pieces are useless “1 Trick Ponies”.

Find the Best Vendors. All too often, equipment suppliers are HORRIBLE at customer service. You work hard for your money, and when you spend that money you need to get the best service. We’ll tell you the best suppliers in the business.

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