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How to Run an Efficient Clinic/Gym Hybrid with The One Software You Need


About the Webinar

Memberships are the business of the future. Building one for your business will help you create monthly recurring revenue, which is absolutely incredible. It's the best path to real growth, and it's the most reliable source of income. 

In this webinar, Dr. Josh will show you exactly how to streamline your practice by using the Membership feature available in the best EHR out there - JaneIt'll help you save time, do less work, and build the foundation for your future business.

This feature eliminates the need for a second or third software to track memberships. You'll save money every month by doing it all inside one efficient software, Jane EHR. Two special guests from Jane - Kristin and Aurelia - will also be there to answer questions and show how it all works. 

Webinar Date & Time:

Thursday, June 16th

4:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM MST / 7:00 PM EST

Hi, I’m Josh Satterlee!

About the Host:

Dr. Josh Satterlee has spent the last 6 years perfecting the Clinic/Gym Hybrid model.

He believes that too many hard working chiropractors are stuck inside their clinics trading time for money, and can’t create any freedom from longer hours for less pay. 

His model helps these chiropractors make more money, provide better patient care, all while creating more time off.

on this webinar

You'll learn about...

Understand memberships and how to put them together and build them inside Jane. Learn to decide how many days a week you should run it and how to track people within your membership.

How to properly pay your team members who are leading classes. Making sure that Jane is accurately tracking that data so that you can easily run payroll with less effort and more precision.

Using Jane and the all-in-one package that includes EHR and membership to spend less time in the software, more time serving your clients, providing amazing treatment, and a unique customer experience.

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