Are you a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist who is working tons of hours and barely "getting by"? There is a better way to achieving the life you want than just seeing endless hours of patient care...

If you are ready to make a BIG change in the next year and willing to put in some hard work to achieve your dreams, then you NEED to watch this webinar! You owe it to yourself, your family, and your clients!

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In this 60 minute webinar, we will help solve the most common problems facing ALL Chiropractors and PT's. You will also learn:

Functional exercises that will help you provide great care to your patients, then integrate them into the gym. These clinic patients will help you fill your gym with members that appreciate your expertise!

It's NOT your fault!

Insurance companies are demanding MORE and MORE, but paying LESS every day! And there is certainly NO REWARD for being a great provider! In fact, the better you are, the harder it is to find New Patients fast enough! If your average number of visits is low, you have to find more and more ways to get new patients... and word of mouth and referrals only get you so far! So what can be done to make more money? 

Hint: The solution is NOT "just see more patients". That's a weak solution for weak minds with no thought to lifestyle.... Nope, you went to school to live a better life.

And great clinicians will never succumb to the idea of "excessive treatments"... of care plans lasting 16 weeks, 3 visits per week. That is for the weak and under-skilled! No... there must be another solution!

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What if you already had enough patients to DOUBLE your income? What if the solution was right in front of your face?

This is EXACTLY the thought I had back in 2011.

I was at the CrossFit Games with a patient- Zach Forrest- who ended up placing 12th in the Finals that year.  I was "on his hip" during the entire event, and it was an amazing experience!

As I looked around me, I realized that these small CrossFit gyms were EXPLODING in popularity. And the market was about to change.

And something else was happening... a niche within that niche was developing.... 

I remember being "backstage" with the Master's Athletes. A group of 45 and 50 year old athletes.

And one of them said something that hit me like a ton of bricks:

"I'd pay anything to just not get injured...If I can just stay healthy, I'd have a real chance!"

This guy was 53 years old, a successful Real Estate agent, and loved doing CrossFit...

But his big worry wasn't being strong enough. Nope, it was NOT getting injured! And that's when it hit me!

I knew enough about the body to help this guy NOT get injured! And he was successful enough to afford a very high-level gym.

A gym with workouts that were customized to his body and his old injuries! 

And if we could help HIM, I knew we could help 100's of people!!!

(We'll cover this and MORE on the Webinar Tuesday at 8:30AM PST)

It was a "Perfect Marriage". A Sports Medicine Clinic to treat injuries.... And a gym designed to keep people from getting injured (or re-injured!). It wasn't going to be "for everyone". But for those who fit that mold, they'd "Pay Anything" for this type of service.

And the best part was that I already had those "kind" of people coming into my clinic EVERY SINGLE DAY! People over the age of 40, who wanted to work out hard, but didn't want to get injured. AND they had the money to afford a HIGHER LEVEL of training! 

....and they would continue to come into our clinic for the unavoidable aches and tweaks they received while going thru life!

So I set about finding the space to do it.... and created the systems to do it... And hired the people to help me develop the model.

I struggled around for 2 years before opening my own Clinic/Gym Hybrid in February of 2013 (one month before my second son was born!)

And we bumped along and grew and went thru 1000's of changes. Until we had the "system" that worked. And it worked as a stand-alone gym.... and a stand-alone Clinic. But together....they were something special!

(In fact, here's a CRAZY stat for you: No one was a member of our gym for more than 11 months without using our clinic services! That's right... 100% of gym members used the clinic at some point! 100%!! )

But it got better! The gym worked off RECURRING MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS. So once they signed up, we didn't have to worry about where that "next payment" came from. They had memberships that brought money in every matter what! And after a year, we made more in the gym from each of our clients than we made off their injury case!

AND the training we provided was the absolute BEST maintenance care available! It was perfect!

We didn't get EVERYONE in our clinic to join the gym. We didn't even get HALF of our patients. But we didn't need to!!! (If you could get half your patients, you'd easily become a millionaire) But we got enough of our patients to join the gym that I DOUBLED my take-home pay!

While I was in the clinic seeing patients, my Coaches were out on the floor training clients. And we made money while providing a great service on both sides of the business....

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As if things couldn't get better.... using our systems and training for our Coaches, we developed the best "Stable" of rockstar Personal Trainers.

They were experienced at working with people in pain and seeing them progress to living amazing lives. They were also at the "Tip of the Spear" for education on blending the idea of Treatment and Fitness!

And we trained these Coaches to do everything they could legally do! In the end, they could do about 85% of what the Clinicians could do.... but since they didn't have the MASSIVE student loan debt payments, they were comfortable doing it for 50% the pay! 

And they loved coming to work every day to see how many lives they could impact.

The "BUZZ" at our place was palpable! Everyone was working at their own highest level! The Clinicians were working on TOUGH cases... and the easy "2/10 Pain", mechanical issues, SIMPLE cases were pushed to the Coaches. They could ask for help at any time. It was a perfect system....

It's time for YOU to develop YOUR perfect system.

Create the life you dreamt of when going to school.

Isn't it time you made the financial amount you DESERVE?

Don't you want a clinic with a positive buzz every day?

And wouldn't you LOVE to know the systems and processes to do this in your own clinic?

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