October 23

They Were Getting Lost!

When you're trying to get new clients, the number one thing you should think about is the friction points they might have.

I had an office one time that was in a three-story office building. We were on the second floor on the left.

Imagine how that felt to people who had never been there!

If I could've sent a picture or texted them where we were saying something like,

“Go into this building, take the elevator to the second floor. You can park your car in this area”

I'm sure I would've had a lot less trouble and much better results with new patients. Way fewer people getting lost… Maybe none at all!

I was talking to a chiro who has trouble with new patients because they always park in the wrong parking lot and can't get to his office.

There are so many little friction points that this person trying to find you will come across, and if you handle them before they become a problem, this will have a huge impact on your new patient.

Because, remember, that first time they're trying to find you is when they're hurting the most and they're the most confused and the most worried.

So you could be providing them a map to your location, or a picture of exactly where to park.

You can also use early texting to build a relationship so they feel warm and welcome when they come in.

Maybe you can send them a picture of the first person they're going to meet at your office, so when they walk in the doors of your office they'll know who to look for.

That will help them feel more relaxed, more at ease, and connect with your business.

And that early connection really means that there's a much higher change of them becoming long-term, amazing clients.

And if you'd like to be able to set up this whole system once and never have to worry about it again… Clinic Gym Connect is for you.

All you'll have to think about is making room for all those new patients!

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