October 15

They Got 50% Every Time

I've talked about how to start running challenges in your Clinic/Gym with the 4 pillars for a great challenge.

And you might be wondering what the benefits are if they're done right.

Before I talk about that, let me be honest here. A challenge can get bad, waste your time, and have no positive results. That's pretty common when the process is not organized.

A bad challenge just adds a whole lot of disorganization on top of a dysfunctional system.

So if you don't know exactly what you're doing per week and you don't have it lined out, it gets quite overwhelming because you do have a lot of people coming in looking for workouts.

If you're not organized, you might end up not selling them into a long-term membership. Your challenge will look like a buzzing beehive that's not producing honey. It's just a whole lot of work going on, but for basically no reward.

But what if you just

  • Have it well-organized and outlined?
  • Do a good job with accountability?
  • Take those accountability meetings as a chance to sell people into a long-term membership?

Well, our clients have proven that you can definitely make it into a highly profitable project.

One of our clients did a series of 21-day challenges for the first six months they were open.

They converted more than 50% of every single challenge into long-term membership.

And because of that, they ended up building another gym offsite because they had so many people in their gym that they ran out of space.

Challenges are worth all the work – just make sure to stay organized and sell your membership.

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