September 22

The Ultimate List of Equipment for a Clinic/Gym

I get this question a lot: “What kind of equipment should I have to start a Clinic/Gym?”

I made a list for you.

Our early members should probably start a set of kettlebells – a set of maybe five different weights of kettlebells. Starting at a 20-pound, maybe a 26, a 35, 44, and 53-pound kettlebells.

Those would get you started decently for rehab in your office and some classes. And then if you doubled up on those, you would have a really good gym for two people at a time.

After that, I'd look at all the equipment that's very affordable and can be used for both rehab and gyms.

On that list is:

  • some Airex pads or some sort of foam pads so people can kneel and have some comfort. Those aren't too expensive, and Amazon now has them for about 20 a piece.
  • I'd probably get a set of foam yoga blocks. They're only about two for 9.
  • Then I would go with some floor sliders. It's a very useful tool. Again, it's about two for 10.
  • I'd also look at some bands. Different bands are really useful and can do a bunch of different exercises.

And then after that, the first piece of hard equipment I'd actually add would probably be a pull-up bar, I'd mount it on the wall.

This is what I have in my garage gym. The pull-up bar on my wall is also where Iattach other equipment that you can get.

I attach TRX or wooden rings, which are also a fantastic addition. I'm really liking the brand Double Circle. They have a ring with an adjustable strap that's much faster than the traditional strap. It's quite useful.

After all that, I would add a flat bench. Just a real simple, sturdy flat bench, because it works as a station to do squats. I really like the one from Rogue Fitness.

Obviously you can use it as a bench, but

– You can also do one-arm rows.
– You can do hip raises with it.
– You can do step-ups on it.

You can do a lot of different exercises. The flat bench and the pull-up bar combined have a pretty good setup.

Once you have that, I would start looking at either a set of dumbbells with a storage rack.

So maybe a pair of 25 through 75-pound dumbbells. Oftentimes they come in sets of 5 to 50, and then 55 to 100. If you can afford that, that's great.

The great thing about dumbbells is they always come in a set of two, and you can split them apart if you have certain people that need them.

Maybe add in a second bench and a second pull-up bar at that point.

Once you have the dumbbells you'll definitely want a storage rack for them.

Medicine balls are also fantastic and can be used for a lot of different exercise. I'd keep those light, probably have 6, 8, and 12-pound medicine balls – no heavier than that so people can move fast with them.

You can probably start all this with the kettlebells at first for 500.

1,000 would likely get you the kettlebells, pull-up bar, bench, sliders, and yoga blocks.

1,500 bucks would start looking at that first set of dumbbells.

2,500 would get both sets of dumbbells, a couple benches, a couple pull-up bars, the kettlebells, bands and all the rest.

And there you go! You'll have a good setup after that.

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