October 27

The Secret To Growing Post-COVID

The downside to the chiropractor model is that it's a one-on-one gig.

As you make more money, that means you also get busier.

There's a direct correlation between how much you make and how much you work every week. If you want to make twice as much as you made last year, you have to work twice as many hours, which sucks.

Of course, the model that best addresses this problem is the Clinic/Gym Hybrid model.

But what I want to do is look at the ways you can build back your business after COVID that have the potential to get you out of the direct one-on-one relationship.

You'll get into a better model that will still feel very personal.

During COVID, we saw that the offices that maintained good relationships with their clients did very well once things started opening back up and they were allowed to have more patients.

That relationship meant

  • Communicating regularly
  • The clients could easily get in touch with the office
  • The staff could talk to clients efficiently

It worked so smoothly for them because they had methods for quickly teaching their patients how to come in, what the procedures were, how the hours changed, and that it was required to have a mask.

If you want to get these positive results, you'll need to establish your ability to communicate.

We want to show you three methods on how to do that effectively.

That's why this week we'll be hosting a
free webinar about

How To Drastically Grow Your Practice Post-COVlD… Without Any Social Media Ads!

You can register by clicking this link.

If you're looking for ways to grow and impress your patients, I'll be glad to show you how.

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