September 29

The Secret is Getting VERY Specific!

Challenges are a great way to grow your clinic. But if you're struggling to come up with ideas for these challenges, here are a few tips!

Start looking at the best customers in your clinic.

Who are your best people and what do they do?

Get that answer and build something around these people.

If it's essentially 35 to 55-year-old soccer moms, oftentimes they're interested in weight loss or toning.

If you work with a bunch of people who are really interested in growing their glutes (very popular in my area), have a glute-based workout and a challenge that's focused on that.

I like working with golfers, so I would put together a “Add 20 yards to every drive” challenge.

It's all just going to be workout, nutrition, and stretching. They just need to get after it and probably practice strategies, so that's a good challenge to run.

If you are working with another popular group like runners, you can have a “Get rid of your low back pain in six weeks” or “Set a PR in six weeks” challenge.

PR means personal record – and a lot of them really respond to that specific language.

If you work on each group with the right nutrition and the right workouts those challenges can be really powerful and get you so popular with that population that your name will spread.

So when you're thinking about creating a challenge, choose a very specific niche and start from there!

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