December 3

The Importance of An Old Guy’s Birthday

One of our highest-end golf clients was a guy named Steve, and Steve was a pretty amazing dude. He had worked for Cigna Health Insurance Corporation and then went on to become a pretty successful Stock Market Analyst.

Steve had made a lot of money and moved to Las Vegas and retired, and basically wanted to play a lot of golf.

He was always an active guy and really appreciated being able to move.

And so, Steve loved coming into our high-end golf fitness class.

He was in his mid-60s, had a couple of movement dysfunctions and some previous surgeries, and was one of those guys who worked out hard and needed regular chiropractic treatments.

He was a fantastic guy. He'd randomly bring in Starbucks for the staff and he actually roasted his own coffee at home. If we were lucky, he'd bring a bag of freshly roasted beans for us.

And I got to tell you, that coffee was better than anything I'd ever drank.

Anyways, we had an interesting experience because we set up a marketing campaign to send Steve a message on his birthday.

Now, instead of just sending him some Plain Jane email with stock language, we set up a campaign that on his birthday at 9:00 AM would send a text and say, “Happy Birthday, Steve”

And it was accompanied by a picture. That picture was all of us, the entire team at the gym, standing in front of a whiteboard and pointing.

What Steve didn't know is when we took the picture, the whiteboard was blank, but using a cool little program called NiftyImages (I highly recommended it), we could merge in his name and the words Happy Birthday.

So even though everybody is getting a picture on their birthday of all of us pointing out a blank whiteboard, their interpretation is that we wrote Happy Birthday on that whiteboard specifically to that person.

Steve was blown away.

In fact, he got that text at 9:00 AM and he came in that day at 4:00 PM.

When he come, he said, “You know what? I'm 64 years old. Everybody's forgotten my birthday, but you guys were the only ones who remembered and I can't believe you all got together for a picture. I love this place,”

I felt a little bad for Steve that he didn't know that we'd taken that one picture almost a year earlier, but you know what? I didn't want to ruin his day.

So I just said, “Yeah, man. You mean a lot to us and we appreciate it.”

It's amazing what a simple text and a personalized message will do for your clients.

You might be the only person that really remembers their birthday.

And the great news is, with Clinic Gym Connect, you can set up a birthday campaign in about five minutes.

If you can take a picture and load it up in the media manager, you can use a similar trick to what we did to send everybody a “personalized birthday message,” and it only costs you about $0.03 each.

Take the time to do it because you'll be blown away with how much relationship capital you get from a single birthday text message with a picture.

  • Maybe it's you holding a cake,
  • Maybe it's you in front of a whiteboard,
  • Maybe you want to hold balloons and have a big smile
  • Or send a picture of your company's mascot dog,

…but whatever it is, treat people like humans. Sending personalized text messages is about the best way to do that.

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