September 28

The Highest and Lowest ROI

All right, so when it comes to equipment I always get asked what's the highest and what's the lowest in terms of Return on Investment, or ROI.

So let's do this!

I think kettlebells are probably the highest ROI of any equipment for a couple reasons.

Number one, they'll never wear out. They're just big huge cast iron pieces.

They don't break. A well-designed kettlebell will last longer than you'll be alive.

Number two, they're incredibly useful. People like them and you can use them for a ton of different exercises.

So early on, you get the most bang for your buck for those kettlebells.

I thought that was just my own opinion, but then more and more, as more clients start their place, it ends up being that is absolutely the path everybody goes down.

It's kettlebells, bands, and then additional equipment after that.

Now, what's the lowest ROI early on? Well, I'm assuming that if you're starting your gym with a modest square footage.

So there's three things you should definitely hold off on buying.

First, a lot of people think they want to start with a barbell, but a barbell connects with only one person at a time. It's just not the best.

Plus, you also need the weight tree to hold all the weights when they're not on the bar. So I'd say a barbell has the lowest ROI when you have less than 1,000 square feet.

Also definitely hold off on a squat rack. Again, only for one person at a time. And it's just so big and clunky that everything has to move around it.

Another common one I see in rehab that I wouldn't recommend it being on the front end of buying is a cable cross machine, like a Keiser or a FreeMotion.

They're very useful, but they're very expensive. I'd rely on bands to do a lot of my cable-type exercises.

Plus, all three just eat up so much square footage early on.

I think you can use your money better and longer without those. So if you're thinking about getting some equipment yourself, remember these tips.

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