Starting from Small: The Milestones in Steven Capobianco’s Chiropractic Venture

Steve Capobianco, a chiropractor and the lead educator at RockTape, shares his insightful experiences in the practice of chiropractic, the business of clinic gym hybrid, and the craziness of a product company. From the start, he helped build a movement company in RockTape. In general, they help athletes of every level to become better and stronger through their education and support products. Listen as he tells the important milestones he undertook to become successful in the profession!

“I always envisioned the idea of putting together a fitness or gym environment with my clinic.” – Steven Capobianco

–          They will talk about Steve’s inspirations in putting up a clinic gym hybrid.

–          They will share some important tips for starters in the business.

–          Steve highlights the importance of a cutting-edge education.

–          They will also discuss the crucial role of marketing in a fitness business.


–          Putting up a clinic gym business is always entrepreneurial at start. It’s always a consideration of the target audience and the question of how to acquire customers.

–          A fitness business should be able to build a loyal tribe.

–          It’s not about starting big but about the important milestones you need to undertake.

–          What actually works for a particular client is more important than any research.

–          People who want to pursue the business should always think of the approach and education that will make your business unique from the others.

–          Nothing in marketing can ever replace a good story – story that resonates with your audience.

Get to know more about their business at:

–          www.rocktape.com

Following the Trend: The Power of Business Automation with Scott Athen

In this podcast, Josh Satterlee and guest, Atty. Scott Athen, talk about an interesting and booming approach to business which may be useful for people who aspires to strengthen the reach of their business. Scott Athen, the Maryland DUI and a traffic defense attorney, has been using the automation approach to ensure accuracy and convenience in his business. Get to know more about him and listen as he shares relevant and innovative insights regarding the new trend in businesses.


“All of the companies who are good, they do the automation.” –Scott Athen

  • Athen and Satterlee highlights the basics of automation.
  • They also shared some of the well-known automation software and applications.
  • Automation plays a crucial role in successful businesses. The role also varies in different contexts and types of businesses.
  • There can be challenges in sticking with the traditional and manual approach. Likewise, there can also be challenges in automation if applied inappropriately.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automation can do many sorts of tasks that can provide businesses better accuracy and convenience. Information and data can be readily accessed and organized with just one or more clicks away.
  • Automation also limits the occurrence of errors as compared when you manually do the task.
  • The whole idea of automation supports the sustainability of the business – getting leads and keeping them as actual and purchasing clients.
  • Service-based businesses (e.g. health care providers) should invest on strengthening the relationship with clients. Thus, they should invest on CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) tools.
  • Automation can also be used to know the impression and reviews of the customers towards your business. This is a very helpful way to adjust services and offers depending on your customers’ value judgment.

Check out Scott at www.lomacksolutions.com

Pursuers’ Perspective of Chiropractic: Nolan Clausen and Mai Thy Ta’s pictured ideals and realities

Today’s episode features the two students from Cleveland University – Nolan Clausen and Mai Thy Ta. Both are pursuing Chiropractic and are soon going to be doctors of the practice. These two hopefuls share their insights regarding the potentials they see in the area of Chiropractic. Listen as they describe the ideals and reality of Chiropractic in a student standpoint.


“We can give the best patient-centered care through collaborative opportunities that never existed before” – Mai Thy Ta

  • They imagined the future of Chiropractic both in ideal and realistic ways.
  • Both Nolan and Mai points out the importance of reaching out to different institutions and organizations in order to pursue your desired profession and future.
  • There is a lack of opportunity to better discover sports chiropractic and sports performance as an answer to a patient’s or athlete’s need. Although, Clausen sees the current development as a very good potential.
  • Learning chiropractic can be sometimes similar to learning the other practices.
  • Any kind of practice shall be considered as long as it provides effective solution and results.

Crucial takeaways:

  • The reality of Chiropractic may show conflict among similar practices. However, people and society are starting to embrace and discover diversity among these practices. People are starting to become critical about the differences of the practices and respect individual satisfaction about a particular treatment.
  • Titles don’t really matter as long as you can provide the most miraculous satisfaction among your patients.
  • Opportunities and integrations in Chiropractic leads pursuers to a linear and progressive direction. This means that students and professionals agree that there is a great potential in this practice.
  • Students or people who may want to pursue the same direction should reach out for opportunities in Chiropractic Education. This means engaging to human connections and volunteerism. Academic institutions, national organizations, and active clubs in the field of Chiropractic are just waiting to be reached out by aspiring professionals of the practice.
  • Progressive universities and institutions have been moving the curriculum and getting the profession to a higher standard. It has becoming more diverse in terms of what the professionals are doing with the profession.

Reach them out at:

Nolan Clausen: nolanclausen@hotmail.com

Mai Thy Ta: maithyta12@gmail.com