Behind the Sales and Design: Perform Better with Erin McGirr

Erin McGirr is one of the expert advisors from Perform Better. Perform Better is a top international source for fitness equipment products for facilities. They also work with facility design layout and actual facility installation. In this podcast, Erin McGirr will share her knowledge regarding facility design and sales. Listen as she shares very insightful tips on how you can kick start the design of your very own facility.

“It’s about the education. It’s not about the product.”

–          McGirr shares some tips on designing and redesigning a facility.

–          They will also talk about the changes and processes in design and sales service.

–          McGirr emphasizes the value of educating facilitators, coaches, and trainers.

–          They will also discuss some cases and experiences from past clients.


–          Facility design has evolved from traditional to modern. Perform Better can now provide 3D layout of your dream facility. It is like a visual walkthrough of what the actual facility looks like.

–          Facilitators, coaches, and trainers should be reminded of a lot of considerations in redesigning their facility for a whole new look.

–          Instead of promoting a product, people should invest on getting educated about concepts related to the field.

–          A fitness service provider should be more education not a sales pitch.

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Hitting it further in Golf and Business: A Golf Coach Perspective of Rehab and Fitness with Michael Napoleon

Michael Napoleon, one of the founders of SuperSpeed Golf Training System, shares his perspective on fitness, rehabilitation, and the business. Also, as a golf coach, he was able to discuss the paradigms of fitness and rehabilitation in much more specialization, expertise, and experience. Listen as he lays down very insightful programs and strategies which can be perfect for not just the athletes but also aspiring coaches and facilitators.

“The gold standard for any coach is being at help of someone to get better without them ever knowing that they had an issue in the first place.” –Michael Napoleon

  • Napoleon shares the benefits of SuperSpeed Training System.
  • They talk about the niche and the target market.
  • They will also discuss the body’s systems with regards to motor skills and how skill improvements/changes are adapted within the body and brain.
  • Mike highlights the importance of program alignment to the patient’s very goal.
  • They list down tips for aspiring coaches, professionals, and fitness facilitators.


  • As coaches and fitness facilitators, we should always provide a new and established arm of training for people to get better.
  • People can’t unlearn a motor program. In order to at least change the learned motor skill, the program should be changed. This leads to changing the body system and resetting the system to different expectations.
  • Coaches and facilitators should focus more on the effective use of the message rather than giving over-detailed information and a ton of analytics. Thus, message and instruction should be given in the simplest and easiest way as possible.
  • Simplicity will get you a higher compliance from clients. This shall give you the responsibility of finding ways to make the program easy and repeatable. It’s about helping the players to get better and making the exercises as easy as possible.
  • Message is more important. It should consist of the reasons why people should go back to your facility, more than the credentials you have and the knowledge they can get.
  • Professionals interested in getting into the industry should consider the following: getting involved with TPI community (biggest resource and knowledge); creating and communicating with an efficient team; and maintaining the alignment of the program from the client’s goals and objective.

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Perfecting the Craft: Mastering the Fitness Business with Jim Adams

Jim Adams is the producer and host of Masters in Fitness Podcast wherein he interviews successful fitness business owners and discuss crucial elements in putting up a fitness business. Listen to the podcast as he and Dr. Josh Satterlee share fruitful insights and issues regarding fitness business. Take notes because they will also share important tips for starters in the business!

“Start small and perfect your craft – build up your client, brand, and reputation.” – Jim Adams

  • Adams will share some of the most helpful tips in putting up a fitness business.
  • They will talk about things people think they need in order to kick start their business and compare these with the actual things people should focus on.
  • Adams highlights the value of investing to more important aspects of the business.
  • They will also share some success stories of current affluent fitness businesses.

Crucial Takeaways:

  • There are things that beginners think they need in the business which are not actual necessities. People tend to waste their money on these unnecessary things.
  • Beginners should take note that there is no harm in starting small. There should be a room to perfect the craft by building up the client, brand, and reputation.
  • Business owners should always focus on the need for clients, customers, or revenue more than the cost they spend in order to operate. Thus, they should always take note of the customer’s need and provide a very pleasant atmosphere for them.
  • It is not ideal to look at the business through a trainer’s perspective. There is more to success than building up a kickass gym with kickass equipment. Fitness businesses should be based on personality, creativity, and good training.
  • In any kind of business, people should look at it as a long-term plan.
  • The three important things beginners and aspirants should consider are the following: a system of training which will allow you to scale the business; a business plan to track the objectives and progress; and a very good marketing plan to get more clients.

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