Super Conference

The #1 event for Chiropractors who want
to add a gym to their practice!

Coming in 2020

Why Do You Need To Attend The SuperConference?

In this seminar, you will learn

  • How to set up a bulletproof business plan that achieves the goals you want to achieve!
  • The proven method to navigate the “Insurance vs Cash-Pay” and HIPPA pitfalls in this model
  • How to properly insure your business to protect your greatest asset- even when you aren’t there!
  • How to create a floorplan (no matter how small) that allows you to DOUBLE the number of people you can serve- and make 2 TIMES the income!
  • Why and how to leverage personal trainers to provide great care to your patients, while opening up your schedule!
  • How to dramatically reduce the amount of work you do in the office while GROWING your Hybrid facility...and your income!
  • What membership levels and cash services you should offer in your Clinic/Gym
  • How to identify your best marketing source for new clients
  • The exact method to go from ZERO to Full Classes in 30 days
  • How to find and hire your #1 new employee who will sell your memberships
  • The easiest, turn-key method to having the best trained coaches in the world..in just 1-2 hours per week
  • The exact progressions and regressions for every exercise you’ll ever need.
  • How to perform rehab that allows your patient to transition right into your exercise program
  • How to have clean communication between the coaches and the doctors in your facility.