October 28

I Learned How to Stop Losing Potential Clients

We all know that for a chiropractic business to be successful, there is a need to market.

Most of the chiropractors we work with get their new patients through two methods.

  • Word of mouth or referrals
  • Marketing at live events or presentations to the people that they want to go after

This would consist of the chiropractor interested in lacrosse going to lacrosse events and doing presentations and workshops.

Or maybe it's a chiropractor who likes yoga going to a local yoga studio providing free treatments to the members of the class in an attempt to meet those people.

Well, typically, when those things are done from a marketing perspective, the capture of information is very low.

I cannot tell you how many times I've taken form sheets to events and asked people to fill out their information… and then lost a third of the contacts because I just couldn't read what they wrote.

On the other hand, when it comes to which information you collect, a lot of times people will collect email addresses. Once you get back to your office, you send them an email with your information.

But we know already that there's a real issue with email because 80% of people don't open it at all.

And if all you do is give your information to people, you're basically just hoping they will look you up later.

But they're likely not going to do that. They're busy with their own lives.

There are many ways to lose those clients if you use the wrong tools.

What if, instead, we capture their mobile phone number?

This would allow us to track them at the event, and it would also give us the ability to call or text them later.

First, there'd be no more losing clients because you couldn't read what they wrote in the forms or because the email they gave you changed… How often do people change phone numbers?

Plus, it's a way to open up the first lines of communication with potential clients – sending your contact card, a picture of you, a map to your office…

There's a huge marketing advantage to using texting to drive people into your office.

You can use it to offer a level of customer service that no one else in your area is offering.

That allows you to grow or rebuild your practice busier than ever post-COVID.

I want to show you the tools and the path to growing with the most efficient marketing methods.

I want to show you how to stop losing potential clients by having a better communication system in place.

That's why this week there will be a
free webinar about

How To Drastically Grow Your Practice Post-COVID… Without Any Social Media Ads!

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