November 25

Quick Guide to Powerful Reactivations for Chiropractic Patients

In any sort of service business, the easiest people to get as customers are the ones that are already customers.

So it's much better to reactivate a client that

  • already knows you,
  • knows where your location is,
  • knows what kind of service you provide,
  • knows your staff,
  • knows they like you.

So instead of going out and finding new people through Facebook and Instagram ads and TikTok and trying to build up followers on YouTube, you can typically ask your current inactive clients if they want to be your clients again.

A lot of times they'll say yes.

So, an easy way to do this is to send out what we call a re-activation broadcast.

That is: sending a message that sounds somewhat personal to all your people so you can re-engage them in a conversation.

Now, if you do this through phone calls, you can only handle about six per hour.

If you do it through text messaging, you can handle about 30 conversations in an hour.

That's what we want to go after.

You should write a message like, “Hey, Joe. I haven't seen you in a while. I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. How are you holding up post-COVlD?”

You want to always ask a question at the end because the goal is to engage them in conversation.

Ask a semi-personal question and use a conversation starter, where they're going to respond.

Also make sure that you're not too pushy with your message, because you don't want it to feel like just a blatant sales program.

This message should be just you checking to see how people are holding up.

Once they engage in conversation, you can feel them out and decide

  • If you want to make an offer for them to come in
  • Or if you want to just establish yourself as someone with great customer service who follows up and has conversations with past clients, because that in and of itself has value.

To get that perfect target audience for this broadcast, figure out using your EMR who has been in the office in the last two years, but hasn't come in the last five months.

You want people who have been in our office within the last two years, but you're not going to send a message if they're currently coming in – or if they were in just a month ago, for example.

If they haven't been in for at least five months, they're the perfect target for this message.

After that, start up some conversations, or have your front desk staff do it.

When you start those conversations, you have more of a chance of staying top of mind with those people and getting a few future visits.

That level of customer service is what will set you apart from everyone else in your area.

We currently have clients that are totally impressed with how much feedback they've gotten about their distinct customer service quality.

Clinic Gym Connect is making it possible for them to automate processes that revolutionize their communication with new and current patients.

I'd love for that to happen for you as well!

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