February 26

“Working in the biggest Clinic/Gym hybrid in the world with Dr. Godfrey”


Our guest today, Dr. Thomas Godfrey, has only been practicing for less than 2 years but is now the head clinician at Lifetime Athletics in Las Vegas, Nevada. A graduate of LACC in 2017, things didn’t work out for him at first building his career. Now, the facility he’s working in is a massive 250,000 sq. ft. gym and probably the biggest clinic/gym hybrid in the world. Take a listen as he discusses how it is working in a corporate environment in one of the most affluent neighborhoods and how he eased his transition as a new hire Chiropractor in the company.


If they’re interested in their health, I’m interested in them. That’s all that matters. “– Dr. Thomas Godfrey

·         How he ended up being head clinician at Lifetime Athletic having subsequent setbacks in his career, being unemployed and having a second baby on the way.

·         The difference between working in a family-run clinic to a corporate one.

·         Training they did as a getting onboard introduction into the company and what services does a big gym like Lifetime offer aside from a performance clinic and the gym.

·         Lifetime athletics build themselves up on being a movement-based clinic instead of being a pain-based clinic.

·         How he worked with the personal trainers to increase rate of referrals and ease his transition into the company.

·         How the income is in his company.

Crucial Takeaways:

·         Build a relationship with people in the gym like the personal trainers and immerse yourself in what they do and understand how their job works. That way they understand that you have a genuine interest and concern in what they do and could help your practice by getting referrals from them.

·         He never tells anybody to stop working out unless it’s going to really hurt them. Modify exercises to avoid certain movements that could hurt the patient but do not ask them to stop working out in general.

·         Working in a corporate type company has its own benefits. He gets to focus on bringing in patients and marketing and, most importantly, treating clients.

·         Working at Lifetime taught him to be more efficient in his practice with the limited time that he’s allowed to spend on every patient.

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“Working in the biggest Clinic/Gym hybrid in the world with Dr. Godfrey”

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