August 4

Winning with Charlie Weingroff

World-class Physical Therapist and Strength Coach Charlie Weingroff sits down for an interview about WINNING. In this interview, Charlie describes the best path to winning at the game of patient care and describes – in detail- how to get better.

He also talks all about why PAIN shouldn’t be your end-goal for patient care, and talks about how painful the truth is.

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I want to give you a free chapter of my Clinic Gym Hybrid Secrets book. This book is all about growing your chiropractic clinic in all fronts. There are tons of lists, guides, and incredible tried-and-true solutions.

This is a lesson in excellence.

Charlie can be found at Charlieweingroff.com , on Twitter @cwagon75 , or randomly at Walt Disney World.

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Winning with Charlie Weingroff

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