June 8

Why Your Clinic Gym Needs Systems with Jim Adams

Jim Adams is our guest in this week’s episode. He is a fitness expert, entrepreneur, and speaker. Jim started The Masters in Fitness Business Podcast, and wove the best episodes into a book called Masters in Fitness Business. Today, Jim discusses what he’s learned from his podcast guests, why having systems in a fitness business is so important, and the unique challenges that gym owners have.

When people tell me they don’t have systems – bullshit, you do. Because each time you train a client, every time you call a client, every time you sit down with a client, there’s a mental checklist you go through in your head. All you have to do is write it down.” – Jim Adams

Topics Covered Include

  • How long Jim has been training people professionally
  • What Jim found out when he started his own business
  • What Jim has learned from his podcast guests
  • The biggest contributor to Masters in Fitness Business and his story
  • Why some trainers open their own businesses and what they need to know first
  • The most influential person who helped Jim grow his business
  • Why fitness business owners need to have a strategic marketing plan
  • Gym ads that are effective and ones that aren’t
  • The membership and sales aspect of owning a business
  • Unique objections in the fitness industry
  • The one question Jim always asks guests on his podcast
  • Why developing a system for your trainers is crucial for a successful gym business
  • The importance of becoming a better leader when you start your own business
  • How having systems in place contributes to team culture
  • The biggest lessons that Jim has learned about getting to business ownership status


Masters in Fitness Business Website: https://trainerjim.net

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

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Clinic Gym Radio
Why Your Clinic Gym Needs Systems with Jim Adams

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