November 13

Why Your Business Isn’t Different with Ross Walker

Today we are joined by Ross Walker. He started his first online business 20 years ago and is one of the leading experts in digital marketing, marketing automation, Infusionsoft, and building campaigns for business leaders. His favorite client is a rocket manufacturer. Ross says he can work for any business – the systems he builds look eerily similar for every industry. Whether you’re his favorite rocket manufacturer or a small-town doctor, marketing automation can be something as simple as MailChimp or Salesforce. If you can reach out to someone you haven’t touched in a long time, Ross knows it can pay off in a big way.

“Your business might be different, but if your customers are still human – that’s what matters.” – Ross Walker

Topics covered include:
– What inspired Ross to start his business.
– How Ross got introduced to marketing automation.
– One of the ways Ross has dramatically changed a business.
– Just because people are interested on social media, doesn’t mean they will pay.
– You need to send a follow-up quick.
– Run ads when you are available to respond.
– Get your potential clients on the phone and ask them a magic question.
– Asking an open-ended question is the solution.
– How Ross would build an office based on marketing.
– Making sales after a webinar.
– Shifting from email to text messaging will make a difference.
– How Ross can set up your marketing system.

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Clinic Gym Radio
Why Your Business Isn't Different with Ross Walker

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