January 12

Why You Can’t Overprescribe Exercise with Adam Halseth

Today we are joined by Adam Halseth. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Adam is a physical therapist and Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist. In his work he, aims to help rotational athletes play pain-free by tailoring treatment plans to the individual. Adam discusses what makes him angry about the world of hands-on care, the importance of knowing your end goal, and the problems of over and under prescribing exercise.

“If you are a healthcare provider and you can make someone better, it doesn’t matter how you do it. You can be a chiro, you can be a PT, bottom line is if you make somebody better, I’m going to refer people to you.” – Adam Halseth

Topics covered include:

  • Differences and commonalities between chiro and physical therapy.
  • What annoys Adam about the world of hands-on care.
  • Accepting there is more than one way to treat someone.
  • Addressing surgeon concerns and building trust.
  • The importance of knowing your client’s desired goal.
  • Movement-based treatment.
  • The detriment of using cookie cutter treatments.
  • The lack of regressions and progressions in treatment plans.
  • Overcoming fear of progression.
  • The importance of regular reassessment and plan adjustment.
  • Communicating and showing the treatment value to your clients.
  • The pervasive problem of over-using modalities.
  • Creating the placebo effect, what causes it, and why it’s a problem.
  • The trend of over-prescribing exercise.
  • The importance of knowing the purpose of prescribed exercises for you and your client.
  • What equipment Adam would stock his clinic with if he could only have 5 pieces.


Contact Adam Halseth here: https://www.instagram.com/adamhalseth, https://foothillsrehab.com/


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Why You Can't Overprescribe Exercise with Adam Halseth

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