November 24

Why Wellness is a Relationship Business with Dr. Brian Strump

Today we are joined by Dr. Brian Strump. Based in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Strump co-owns Live Active Charlotte with his wife. Live Active Charlotte has been open since 2010 and helps clients by creating personalized plans for their needs. Dr. Strump returns to the show today to discuss creating long-lasting client relationships, marketing strategies, and how often you should be communicating with your customers.

“We look at our business as a relationship business, that’s why people are here for 10 or 11 years.” – Brian Strump

Topics covered include:

  • Building good foundational business principles.
  • How Dr. Brian helps others run better businesses.
  • Utilizing the pandemic to maker changes in your clinic.
  • What Dr. Brian has learned about generating leads.
  • How clients are communicated with in the first year of joining Live Active Charlotte.
  • The average length of memberships at Live Active Charlotte versus the national average.
  • How to get people into the clinic or gym.
  • Creating brand awareness.
  • The importance of maximizing the client experience from the beginning.
  • The cost of different marketing strategies.
  • Why you should be combining email, SMS, and phone calls to drive engagement.
  • Creating personal communications to clients.
  • Making your services as easily accessible as possible.
  • How to continue communication once clients are in the door.
  • The benefit of scheduling communications.
  • Re-engaging clients that have left or are thinking of leaving.
  • Incentivizing return visits.


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Why Wellness is a Relationship Business with Dr. Brian Strump

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