August 9

Why Trevor Shaw Stands by His Unpopular Chiropractic Opinions

On today’s episode we’re joined by Dr. Trevor Shaw. Trevor is a practicing chiropractor and an instructor at the Palmer College of Chiropractic. We’ll hear about how he prefers to treat his clients and why, somewhat unpopular opinions he stands by, and exciting trends he sees among graduates today.

“Like you said before, strong things are harder to break. And I live in a world where people need really strong necks. So, if one of my fighters comes to me and says ‘doc, what do you think about this? Coach, what do you think about this?’ Do it.” – Trevor Shaw

Topics Covered Include

  • How Trevor ended up pursuing a career in chiropractic
  • The “razor's edge” Trevor has tried to find with his clients
  • Where Trevor’s career has taken him before Florida
  • How Trevor prefers to train his clients
  • The best place to begin with clients when you’re not sure where to start
  • Where Trevor stands on the foam roller debate
  • How chiropractors can attract all-star students as interns
  • How many graduates start their own business versus work with someone else
  • What Trevor did when he got out of chiropractic school
  • How Trevor’s dreams to build a clinic gym hybrid model were originally crushed
  • The best people to market to with a clinic gym model right now
  • What to send Trevor if you want to be hired by him
  • How Trevor is kind of famous by association
  • What Trevor got “called out” for and why he stands by it
  • How people like to use outliers as examples for reasons against training
  • How clients should feel after their training session

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Why Trevor Shaw Stands by His Unpopular Chiropractic Opinions

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