February 15

What the Hell Are You Trying to Do?

This episode of is focusing on one particular question: what the hell are you trying to do? The intention of this question is to help reframe and refocus the bigger picture of the clinic gym connect model so you can build a space that meets your end goal.

So many times, people are like ‘I want to build a clinic gym model, so I bought squat racks.’ So now I’m at the point where I hate squat racks, not because I don’t think they’re a great training tool. However, what we are trying to do in a clinic gym model is something different than that.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • The question that influenced Josh at a young age
  • A story about a previous football experience and what he learned from it
  • How having a single focus can lead you to make a wrong decision
  • How using this question played out during a case study during a previous SFMA course
  • A story about a client who went about starting a clinic-gym model the wrong way
  • Why buying a singular squat rack is not the answer to a clinic gym model
  • The bigger picture to building a clinic gym model
  • The set-up that can help you accomplish a successful clinic-gym model
  • The downside of selling unlimited one-to-one memberships
  • How you can set up your memberships to make more sustainable income
  • The importance of running your numbers with a high-level view
  • What to do once you answer the question discussed in this episode
  • What happens when your clear about what you want


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Clinic Gym Radio
What the Hell Are You Trying to Do?

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