January 18

What is a Clinic Gym Hybrid in 2022?

Today, Josh is covering the model of the Clinic Gym Hybrid. He gets a lot of questions about this in his inbox all the time, so he thought this episode giving an overview was more than past due. It’s the start of the year, and Josh has already done 4 consultation calls with people looking to make the switch. On one hand it’s great, but on the other, it makes him think it may have been a while since he explained exactly what the Clinic Gym Hybrid model is.

“Clinical rehab, to me, is using your space with the tools of exercise… but you are using it in a clinical setting.” -Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics covered include:

  • The purpose of today’s episode.
  • What are the 2 main parts of this model?
  • About the clinic aspect.
  • Transitioning to clinical rehab and what that means for you and your patients.
  • The 80/50 rule and what it means.
  • Why personal trainers aren’t always the best coach hires.
  • What can coaches do in your clinic to help both you and your patients?
  • When to have patients see coaches versus seeing doctors.
  • Insurance caveats and legislation in your state.
  • How to build expertise in your coaches.
  • Teaching red flags to your staff.
  • Creating a successful signup method.
  • The fitness/gym component of the CGH model.
  • What is the fitness component and how does it relate to clinical rehab?
  • The benefits of small group classes.
  • Why your classes should be divergent.
  • Selling and demonstrating expertise.
  • Why you don’t necessarily need lots of equipment.


Find out more about Clinic Gym Connect: https://www.clinicgymconnect.com

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
What is a Clinic Gym Hybrid in 2022?

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