November 27

Using CRM Independently from your EMR with Kelsey Bratcher

Chiropractic clinics use EMR (electronic medical record) software to manage patients, billings, insurance and keeping track of costs in one tool like a centralized hub. What it doesn’t do is manage the sales and marketing component of the business. Kelsey Bratcher, an automation wizard and co-founder of AutomaticPracticeProfits, tells us of alternative tools and explains in this episode how implementing a CRM (Customer Relations Management), setting up a marketing technology and configure these all up in automation can improve your business performance and attract more clients.

 “Software into chiropractic industry is frustrating as you cannot put anything or out of it in an order that would make sense.”

Kelsey Bratcher explains that popular EMRs are closed systems where you are unable to integrate certain tools that can significantly help you out with clinic operations, training, marketing and sales. In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Alternative tools that a new practitioner can use to jump start his business which can also help existing clinics get more leads and maybe switch in a more cost effective way to run the marketing component of the business.
  • The importance of automation in the marketing world in handling communication with possible leads and existing clients.
  • Tools you can use to handle seminars and gather data of attendees and use these data for your business analytics.
  • The benefits and disadvantages of having landing pages and click funnels, and again, alternatives to these tools and how to optimize its functions.
  • How testimonials are a boon to any business.

Crucial Takeaways:

  • As clinic management software (EMR) are “closed” tools to managing an office, the opportunity to integrate an automation tool to enhance processes such as booking patients is out of the question. Having an independent automated system outside of an EMR significantly improve patient follow-ups, giving patient education, setting appointments, marketing and advertising seminars to name a few.
  • Automated system programs can generate data through integrated tools regarding attendees, for instance, in seminars: number of sign-ups, attendees, people who booked an appointment and no shows. Where data gathered can be used to marketing subsequent events such as trainings, seminars and could be used to reinject no-shows into the process and so on.
  • Clinic management systems are inadequate tools for lead generations and sales and do not have the capability to get new patients easily. There is a vast number of tools that can sell services without storing any medical information so that your Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) does not come into question
  • CRM software like Infusionsoft, which performs automation among other things, has other more cost-effective and, technically speaking, has steep learning curve alternative, Pipedrive, that Kelsey will discuss into detail with tools that you can integrate on it as needs present.
  • Adding testimonials through surveys to a website is extremely effective into building your business. Surveys contain personal information which you can use as testimonials and, with a CRM, can be posted on your website in an automated manner.
  • Kelsey advices not to use a dollar store hosting like GoDaddy as you are not going to get good tools and resources to run your website. If, for other reason, you want to stay on a dollar store hosting you can switch out DNS service to optimize your website and improve performance.
  • There are tools that you can be integrated into clinic management software alternatives like Pipedrive that can use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which are more cost-effective instead of buying a hardware service for your company’s calling and SMS texting needs.
  • Software are available to be integrated into Pipedrive, an Infusionsoft alternative, to generate reports and provide analytics regarding revenue, sales, expenses that is sent to designated recipients in automation.


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Using CRM Independently from your EMR with Kelsey Bratcher

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