October 19

Using CBD for Treatment with Dr. Joseph LaVacca

In this episode we’re welcoming Dr. Joseph LaVacca, a PT by trade who believes that strength, fitness, and wellbeing can be combined. Joseph joins us today to discuss how he came to a more integrated practice, using CBD as a supporting part of treatment, and overcoming the stigmas surrounding cannabinoid use.

“When you learn something new, your first instinct is to try it on everybody… My suggestion is to start with new people on your schedule. How I start to approach the conversation on CBD is that I follow people through their history and act as a guide.” – Dr. Joseph LaVacca

Topics covered include:

  • How Joseph created an integrated practice.
  • Refusing to tow the unethical company line and how it led to where he is now.
  • Focusing on patient forward care.
  • Understanding that communication is key.
  • How Joseph came to use CBD as a supportive part of treatment.
  • Overcoming the negative stigma surrounding CBD.
  • The difficulty in getting funding for cannabinoid related research.
  • The problem with lack of regulation in the cannabinoid industry.
  • How to know if cannabinoids are a fit for a patient.
  • Approaching the topic of CBD with patients.
  • The importance of knowing current patient medication.
  • Explaining the benefits of removing opioids from your routine.
  • Understanding how opioids are working, or not, on the general population.
  • What education does Fringe provide for physicians.
  • Understanding inner world and outer world connections.
  • Creating engaging and inclusive educational content.
  • Optimizing the parasympathetic state.
  • Creating an adapted response to stimuli.
  • Understanding the difference between supplements and medicine.


Fringe: https://www.joinfringe.com

Find out more about Clinic Gym Connect: https://www.clinicgymconnect.com

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Using CBD for Treatment with Dr. Joseph LaVacca

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