October 22

Upping the Doctor-to-Patient Ratio with Dr. Raj Gupta

Dr. Raj Gupta is the founder of Soul Focus, a comprehensive wellness center in New Jersey operating since 2010. He joins today’s episode to tell us about his facility, which has a medical component along with a full-service gym and spa. Before opening Soul Focus, Dr. Gupta worked as an associate at two different offices before opening his own practice in 2003. He explains how his first practice would be common by today’s standards, but was breaking new ground in the early 2000s.

“It is the chiropractors that are saving peoples’ lives without medication… The medical model for these diseases just leads to more disease.” -Dr. Raj Gupta

Topics covered include:
– Soul Focus’ facility and what it offers.
– The pricing model that Dr. Gupta has in place.
– Like-minded people that the wellness center attracts.
– Dr. Gupta’s educational background and work history after graduating.
– The multi-discipline practice that Dr. Gupta first opened.
– Effects of guerilla marketing efforts that were implemented in the early practice.
– A close call with bankruptcy after Hurricane Sandy.
– Patients seeing multiple providers on one visit to the facility.
– Staffing numbers at Soul Focus and the monthly overhead of wages.
– Preparing patients to have a lengthy visit.
– The three functional medicine niches that Dr. Gupta utilizes.
– Poor treatments for certain diseases and problems with pharmaceutical companies.
– Dr. Gupta’s policy of not writing prescriptions.
– America’s trend of realizing that medications are not helping.
– The experience upon entering Soul Focus.
– The F.O.C.U.S. acronym.

Check out Functional Movements: https://www.functionalmovement.com/
Email Dr. Gupta: [email protected]
Soul Focus: http://www.soulfocus.com/
The Wellness Center Solution: https://www.amazon.com/Wellness-Center-Solution-Physicians-Transform/dp/0692864172
From Health Club to Healthcare: https://www.amazon.com/Health-Club-Healthcare-Owners-Income-ebook/dp/B07N344K3V

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Upping the Doctor-to-Patient Ratio with Dr. Raj Gupta

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