February 25

Uniquely Customizable Patient Management with Ali Taylor

Josh is joined today by Ali Taylor, co-founder and co-CEO at Jane, a completely customizable patient booking, charting, scheduling and billing application. The idea for Jane came about nine years ago when Ali was opening a clinic with a diverse range of staff who all had different needs for booking and electronic charting. Her friend and other co-founder, Trevor Johnston, built her an easy to use and highly customizable web product, which they utilized privately for a year before realizing there was a huge demand for this type of product. Since then, Jane has grown rapidly and offers users a seamless way to integrate many of the needs of their practice into one simple platform. Jane’s goal is to be so uniquely customizable for your practice that it feels as though the software was built solely for you.

The idea that someone is actually caring for you as a human being is undervalued. … Those things make someone an exceptional practitioner versus an average practitioner.” -Ali Taylor

Topics covered include:
-How Jane works and what the app offers
-Changing features of Jane to support new activities
-Benefits of being a niche-driven product
-What inviting patients back to your practice for further care shows
-Value of spending time actually talking to your patients
-Factors that separate high performance users of Jane vs. those who could improve
-Importance of online booking
-Not letting your product outpace your pricing
-What’s in the future for Jane

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Learn more about Jane at https://jane.app/

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Uniquely Customizable Patient Management with Ali Taylor

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