July 27

Training Prepartum and Postpartum Women with Erica Ziel

In this episode we’ve got Erica Ziel with us. She works with the most motivated population that often gets ignored by clinics and gyms: women in the prepartum and postpartum periods of their lives. Erica will provide advice on how to work with this segment of people and why she loves being involved with them.

It is amazing, when women learn this, how much mobility she can have in her lumbar spine the week she is going to give birth. I see it time and time again, because she actually learns how to articulate, and she is going to feel so much better when she can have that mobility.” – Erica Ziel

Topics Covered Include

  • Why Erica decided to work with this population
  • The logical and medical reasons why pregnant women can work out
  • Things that every pregnant woman should be doing
  • Differences between women that did and did not exercise before pregnancy
  • How to tell if a workout is too intense for the pelvic floor
  • The first thing that Erica always tries to teach
  • Coming into pregnancy with dysfunctions
  • Providing women with more mobility to make a more comfortable birth
  • Focusing on prevention instead of waiting for dysfunction
  • Why working with pregnant women can make a trainer’s day easier
  • What men can do to talk about things that may be uncomfortable for them
  • How Erica determines if a practitioner should be referred to
  • Knowing when it is okay for postpartum women to get back to their normal exercise routine
  • Seeing women become stronger after giving birth
  • The biggest takeaway Erica has from working with this population


Erica’s website: https://www.ericaziel.com/

Clinic Gym Connect: www.clinicgymconnect.com

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Clinic Gym Radio
Training Prepartum and Postpartum Women with Erica Ziel

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