April 5

Tips to Create Engaging Warmups with Rett Larson

Let’s welcome Rett Larson this week. He is the strength and conditioning coach for the German Women’s National Volleyball team. This is his second year with this particular team, but he’s worked with other women’s volleyball teams including the Dutch and Chinese. Today he’s sharing his best tips for establishing effective, engaging, and creative warmup routines.

“We travel a ton. I’m seeing six different foreign weight rooms, and every single summer, that’s always that fun challenge for me. It’s like: ‘how do I take twelve girls into a Holiday Inn Express weight room and get meaningful work done?’ But that’s where the brain comes alive, and you start to develop a tool belt full of stuff that’s either no-equipment based or super creative.” – Rett Larson

Topics Covered Include

  • Rett’s career background and experience
  • Why it’s difficult to top the Olympic opening ceremonies in Beijing
  • What is unique about women’s volleyball in China
  • Foam rollers as a status symbol and their role in fitness
  • What made Rett realize he needed to change his warmup practice
  • What you can learn from working in different countries
  • The gamification of training and why it’s important to Rett
  • The fundamental points to hit during a warmup
  • What Rett defines as the enemy of athleticism
  • The importance of mixing up a warmup to engage and push athletes.
  • How training is influenced by the primacy effect and recency effect
  • The tip a head trainer gave Rett about warmups at the beginning of his career
  • What Rett got into a competition with his wife about
  • How Rett used TikTok to introduce novel movements to his team
  • Why fun and effective don’t have to be mutually exclusive
  • Where you can learn more about weaponizing your warmup

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Tips to Create Engaging Warmups with Rett Larson

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