April 6

The Ultimate Maintenance Doc, Roy Page

Roy Page joins us on this episode of Clinic Gym Radio. He is a chiropractor from Southern California. Roy’s approach combines chiropractic care with the power of exercise to support the overall health of his clients. On top of being a Chiropractor, Roy is a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine and a personal trainer. Today, he shares more about his unique approach to client care.

“The same patient would see me on a Monday in the clinic and catastrophize what’s going on, and they’d see me on a Tuesday in the gym and they’re ready to get after it. And I got so much more done in the gym not because I had more time with them, but because they were less afraid in the gym setting.” – Roy Page

Topics Covered Include

  • Roy’s educational background and why he decided to pursue being a Chiropractor.
  • Why Roy also decided to become a trainer.
  • The importance of breaking preconceptions about what your body can do.
  • Why Roy calls himself the “ultimate maintenance doc.”
  • The benefits of having a gym in the clinic setting.
  • Why Roy has to find ways to hold himself back.
  • Roy’s recent injury and how he’s dealing with it.
  • The adaptations Roy is making due to his injury.
  • Why Roy believes everything we do comes down to bandwidth.
  • Roy’s unique way of adjusting the spine.
  • An introduction to kabuki education.
  • What happens when a stimulus is no longer novel.
  • What resiliency training really comes down to.
  • The secret to breaking barriers with clients.


Roy’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/roypagedc

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com


Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
The Ultimate Maintenance Doc, Roy Page

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