November 15

The Secrets to Advertising That No-One Has the Guts to Tell You

Sam Carlson joins us for this week’s show. Sam and his agency have been helping clinics for the last 8 years to elevate their advertising game. In total, he helps over 100 clinics focus in on new patient marketing for chronic conditions and non-surgical solutions. His agency’s platform is automated, so clinics never have to hire another agency. Sam will explain today how to create effective marketing for new and established clinics.

People don’t buy when they understand. People buy when they feel understood.” – Sam Carlson

Topics covered include:
• Why Sam is the perfect person to help practitioners convert online visitors to long-term clients
• How Sam and his agency became a case study for advertising, and how it helped them learn and grow themselves
• The process of becoming a specialist in this niche advertising
• What are qualified leads?
• Overcoming the commoditization of chiropractic medicine to reach wider audiences
• Why running discounts just isn’t enough
• Finding a common ground with patients
• Bridging marketing, equipment, and a conversation about conversion
• The 3 steps to successful marketing
• Understanding the end goal of your business
• Why retaining clients should be higher on your list than first-time visitors
• Top 3 things you should do as a new clinic
• Mistakes that Sam often sees in marketing from clinics
• Common misconceptions surrounding marketing and leads
• Creating a lead nurturing service
• About Sam’s team
• Why it’s important for Sam’s team to understand patient outcomes
• When is the right time to follow up on leads?

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
The Secrets to Advertising That No-One Has the Guts to Tell You

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