January 19

The Right Mindset to Increase Strength with Meghan Helwig

On today’s episode we are joined by Meghan Helwig, a Physical Therapist in Southern California at Primal Strength Physical Therapy. Meghan is also an athlete with a competitive mindset who travels to teach Functional Movement Taping as well as Cupping and Flossing Seminars for Rocktape.

Fear alone changes our movement patterns. Anytime they get anxious thinking about a movement, they probably just changed their subconscious breathing pattern which destabilizes their core, and then they may overuse their low back when they lift, and it turns into a vicious cycle.” – Meghan Helwig

Topics Covered Include

  • Meghan’s background in sports at an early age
  • What led Meghan to be interested in physical therapy
  • Why she decided to move to Southern California
  • How she came to open her office in a Crossfit gym
  • What motivated Meghan to pursue functional strength gains
  • The two things that have changed the most that helped her increase strength
  • The benefits you can expect from focusing on increasing strength
  • How mindset became a dedicated part of Meghan’s practice
  • The benefit of tapping into a client’s personality
  • Why Meghan feels it’s important to spend more time with clients than is the norm
  • Why it’s important to empower your patient and increase their confidence
  • When Meghan decided to start competing in Crossfit
  • Why you should step away and reset when having a negative thought
  • Meghan’s experience in male dominated spaces like golf and crossfit
  • Where the name Primal Strength Physical Therapy came from


Meghan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/primalstrengthdoc/

Primal Strength Website: http://www.primalstrengthpt.com/

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

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