April 26

The Power of Genetics with Joseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen is our guest on today’s episode of Clinic Gym Radio. Joseph is the CEO of SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and LabTestAnalyzer. It’s his mission to give individuals access to cutting-edge techniques to help them optimize their health. Joseph will be discussing the power of genetics. This is important because although we can’t change our DNA, we do have control over the factors that can influence gene expression.

I would say that the product is quite different than what’s out there, in many ways actually. So, we’re actually giving precision health recommendations, whereas the other companies are not.” – Joseph Cohen

Topics Covered Include

  • How your DNA acts as a blueprint
  • Our unique differences can be a display of genetics at play
  • How Joseph’s life experiences influenced his interest in genetics
  • The types of changes Joseph implemented to support his overall function
  • The stages of wellness Joseph has been through so far
  • How to learn more about your genetic makeup
  • How Joseph’s company SelfDecode helps individuals gather data to optimize their health
  • The way customers of SelfDecode can customize their results
  • The white-labeling service SelfDecode provides
  • How SelfDecode works with practitioners to support their patients
  • What gives SelfDecode a leg up on the competition
  • Why it’s important to amplify DNA testing with practical recommendations
  • The amount of bearings SelfDecode analyzes
  • How SelfDecode aims to disrupt modern medicine
  • Joseph’s biggest concern about what similar businesses are offering to consumers
  • The biggest problem SelfDecode is currently solving behind the scenes

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
The Power of Genetics with Joseph Cohen

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