September 15

The People-Centric Nature of Chiropractic Medicine with Jerry Kennedy

Today we are welcoming Jerry Kennedy. Jerry created Rocket Chiro to help people-centered chiropractors grow their practices and be prepared for the business side of chiropractic medicine. After starting his own practice right out of school at age 24, Jerry realized that chiropractic school does not prepare you for running a business.

Learning much during his 9 years in practice, Jerry now dedicates himself to helping others understand the people-centric nature of chiropractic medicine as a business. In this episode, Jerry tells us how he ended up as a chiropractic coach, the importance of structure when running a business, and why you need to have a firm understanding of fundamentals in order to grow and succeed.

“You have to be incredibly careful how you go about doing sales in a high-touch, high relational business.” – Jerry Kennedy

Topics covered include:

  • What Jerry learned in starting a practice straight out of school.
  • How Jerry came to close his practice after 9 years.
  • Jerry's path to coaching.
  • Why he was resistant to becoming a coach.
  • The importance of building upon client relationships and continuing communication.
  • Why extra care has to be taken in chiropractic sales.
  • Aligning your message and marketing.
  • The overlooked fundamentals of chiropractic medicine.
  • Understanding that the impact you can make relies on your ability to run a business.
  • Minimizing stress and avoiding burnout.
  • Playing to your strengths and improving on your weaknesses.
  • The importance of structure in business.
  • Implementing strong operational procedures.
  • Setting effective boundaries with your team and your patients.

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The People-Centric Nature of Chiropractic Medicine with Jerry Kennedy

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