December 22

The Path to Mastering Exercises with Brendon Rearick

In this episode we are joined by coach, trainer, educator, and business owner Brendon Rearick. Brendon created the Exercise Checklists course, which provides a path to mastering a particular exercise while clearly outlining what standards need to be met to move on. Today he is sharing a bit about the Exercise Checklists course and how it helps create the world’s best trainers by promoting consistency, performance, and overall quality of life.

This allows the trainer to focus most of their energy on the individual, or the client or patient, instead of them trying to come up with programs or things on a white board.” – Brendon Rearick

Topics Covered Include

  • The Exercise Checklists Course including how it’s structured and what it offers
  • How the course can improve a trainer's effectiveness and success
  • Don’t hire the world’s greatest trainer, create the world’s greatest trainers
  • How this checklist approach can also support practitioners
  • How sub-checklists come into play
  • The clinical aspect and the potential to use checklists for discharge criteria
  • How this course promotes proper progression
  • Why standards on checklists are important
  • Success stories from this course
  • How the course helps you hire trainers with great customer service
  • How using the Exercise Checklists system supports repetition and facilitates trust
  • A peek into what Brendon’s gym looks like
  • Buying gym equipment in a strategic manner
  • Taking what you learn from the course and making it your own


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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
The Path to Mastering Exercises with Brendon Rearick

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