May 11

The LEAN Business Approach with Jason Schroeder

Jason Schroeder is a construction consultant who addresses dysfunctions within the workplace, especially in his area of expertise. He’s the host of Elevate Construction podcast and is passionate about making his industry better. Jason is our guest today to talk about the similarities between healthcare and construction, how to inspire and build trust with your employees, and how to apply the LEAN methodologies to the chiropractic workspace.

Let’s not always ask what’s going to make our individual resources more efficient… How can we really have a focus on the customer? Make them the flow unit. Make what they do flow.” – Jason Schroeder

Topics Covered Include

  • What Jason does and the kind of construction projects he works on
  • What the LEAN business approach is all about
  • The importance of flow in a business model
  • How overproduction contributes to waste and financial loses
  • Overproduction examples in a chiropractic office
  • How to improve the process and reduce waste in a chiropractic setting
  • When Jason started focusing on improvement in his own business
  • The situation that helped Jason realize the importance of trust, respect, and participation
  • How we can put more care into our projects
  • Why joy is the true measure of success
  • The aspect of chiropractic offices that gives them an advantage with buy-in
  • What is guaranteed to make the employees on your staff miserable
  • Why you should take time to understand and build trust with your employees
  • The two things that hold us back from reducing personal waste
  • The difference between remarkable care and standard care
  • Explaining the “5 S’s of Lean”


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The LEAN Business Approach with Jason Schroeder

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