February 2

The Future of Chiropractic with Dr. Blake Kalkstein


Dr. Blake Kalkstein is a chiropractor based in Baltimore, Maryland. He runs a clinic with his father, Dr. Jeff, and brother, Dr. Warren, who are also chiropractors in Towson, Maryland called Adolph & Kalkstein Chiropractic. It’s a 5000 sq. ft clinic that seems small considering the bulk of patients that they see every day. Their chiropractic group is part of the rehabilitation and performance team of the Baltimore Orioles. Take a listen as we discuss how it looks like being in a major league baseball rehab team and the transformation of how people perceive chiropractic as a practice.


[On solving a problem] “Visualize it… Be descriptive in your environment. What does it look like? What does it feel like when it’s done? And then go back and list all these obstacles in completing this project.” – Dr. Blake Kalkstein

·         As a family of chiropractors starting with his dad who has seen generations of patients and trends, what’s their perspective of the future of chiropractic.

·         How a well-experienced chiropractor would fare in a major league rehab and performance team of Physical therapists, Orthopedics and Certified Athletic coaches.

·         What sets the chiropractors apart with the rest of the team in terms of practice.

·         How chiropractic is perceived now compared before.

Crucial takeaways:

·         Working in an environment that specializes in rehab and performance but otherwise have different practices “ups your game”. You learn new skills and new ways to injury management, acute care and triaging.

·         Chiropractors are good at treating the spine as compared with other care providers as they do adjustments and has more hands-on experience when it comes to the spine.

·         There is not much difference with the examination skills of physical therapists and athletic trainers.

·         There’s a perception that chiros do not have the examination or rehabilitation skills of a PT or other specialties but that is slowly changing as chiropractic is now more accessible to people especially the younger generations.

·         Identify your obstacles for success and transform them into opportunities. Apply structured problem solving by writing what the problem is.

Dr. Kalkstein is willing to help anyone identify their obstacles for success for free by “Listening intently!”  You can contact him at [email protected] and be sure to write the subject line, “Listen Intently”.

Catch Dr. Kalkstein online:

Clinic Adolph and Kalkstein: https://www.towsonchiro.com/us/

FTCA: https://www.forwardthinkingchiro.com/

Chiropractic Marketing Show: http://www.modernchiropracticmarketing.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.blake.dc/?hl=en

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The Future of Chiropractic with Dr. Blake Kalkstein

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