February 15

The Five-step Model with Steve Horney


Steve currently runs a business in New York, but he used to manage a decent-sized clinic until he realized that he was really burnt out. Seeing how things work in the hospital-based business, he then made a conscious decision to leave the corporate world and work for himself even if it meant making less money. He then formulated the five-step model based on his experiences working his way to put up his own business and has helped numerous care providers to build their own and be successful. Steve likes it “gritty and grimy” when providing care; to actually get on the floor and apply what you’re trained to do. He uses his practice to also give back to the world and will be doing a medical mission in Ecuador. Take a listen as he discusses his five-step model and how to apply it to your business.


“If I can talk you out of starting a business, I've done you the biggest favor ever. You already know whether you're here for this stuff.” – Steve Horney

  • Be the best care provider you know and market yourself.
  • Find your location. Search for a gym that values education and has trainers that think the same and find out if you’re okay with making 120% of what they’re charging.
  • You must have the mindset to do the side hustle.
  • You must have that burning desire to work for yourself and be a business owner if not then it’s really not for you.
  • Do the metrics, gather relevant data and do the computation. People don’t realize how much one cancellation can affect your income.
  • Don’t tie your expenses to the month, tie them to your productivity.  

Crucial Takeaways:

  • Be really good at your job. It’s not the logo, it’s not the website. There is no quick way to success. Train and apply what you learned.
  • Finding the right gym is not easy and requires a great deal of effort. Steve called 60 clinics, collected data until he narrowed them down to 10 and made visits until three clinics made his list. He then tested these clinics for six months until he found the right fit.
  • Side hustles can be great because it can be a way to keep patients by having a gym. Movement therapy like Pilates, yoga or training are good examples.
  • Don’t stop to market yourself. Be consistent and maintain connection with clients. You may be busy at the moment but at one point business can go away.

Catch Steve online:

Website: www.ihealthsciences.com

Support their cause: https://www.medicalmissionecuador.org/

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The Five-step Model with Steve Horney

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