September 14

The Failed Endeavor of Human Fitness with Dr. John Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish is a scientist, inventor, and author. He created the X3 training system, which uses variable resistance to improve strength and build muscle. John wrote the best-selling book “Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time”, which ​​reveals how fitness may be the most failed human endeavor. John is on the podcast to share what inspired him to invent his systems and devices, the research that supports what he’s created, and where he thinks the answer lies for building muscle in an effective way.

I realized, ‘wow, I’m looking at the data like… weight lifting is a waste of time. If this is true,’ and I knew it was because I was watching it happen right in front of me, I’m like,’ I have unique data that would indicate that we’re doing the wrong thing.’” -Dr. John Jaquish

Topics Covered Include

  • Why you shouldn’t listen to people with black and white opinions
  • Why John focuses on research, not feelings
  • How fitness is the most failed human endeavor of all time
  • What inspired John to create products that emulate high impact activity
  • The results of the first clinic study of his device
  • Why John says oversimplification is another word for wrong
  • What inspired the creation of the X3
  • How John first applied the research for the X3
  • What John thinks about being brought on podcasts just for conflict
  • One of the biggest genetic differences between individuals
  • How people often mistake a gym pump for actual muscle growth
  • What percentage of people will never make progress with muscle growth
  • How proportionate variance plays a role in building muscle
  • John’s response to the criticism he’s received from about his book
  • What the objective of the X3 system is


Dr John Jaquish’s website:

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Clinic Gym Radio
The Failed Endeavor of Human Fitness with Dr. John Jaquish

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