May 26

The Evolution of Chiropractic Medicine with Skip George

Today we are joined by Skip George, a veteran functional chiropractor from California. Skip is part of the faculty with the Postural Restoration Institute and runs his own practice, La Jolla Sport and Spine. Skip values using an eclectic number of disciplines to improve his patient’s health over just selling products. In this episode, Skip discusses the changes in the industry since he graduated in 1980 and how he finds fulfillment through continuous learning.

“It was a very restrictive and proprietary way that limited us as chiropractors…I never bought that, it seemed too oppressive to me.” – Skip George

Topics covered include:

  • How tools available for learning have improved since Skip was in school.
  • Skip’s path from fitness to chiropractic medicine.
  • How health supplements and vitamins have evolved since his time working in gyms.
  • The restrictive nature of his time at college.
  • How affordability of schooling and living costs have increased since his time studying.
  • Burnout and realizing that intention and focus often mean more than technique.
  • How Skip reshaped his learning through moving outside of his comfort zone.
  • Seeking out fringe techniques to improve his understanding.
  • Utilizing his peers for learning.
  • The process of changing his paradigm to incorporate new techniques.
  • Evolution of the functional approach to chiropractic practice.
  • Maintaining balance for stability: Recognizing asymmetry in a client and correcting it.


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The Evolution of Chiropractic Medicine with Skip George

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