March 29

The Best Floor Plan For Your Clinic Gym

This time, you’ll learn about the best floor plan for your clinic gym hybrid model. The floor plan is an often-overlooked part of this business model, but it shouldn’t be. It’s important to use every square foot to your advantage, and exactly how to do that is discussed throughout the episode today.

“Your exercises that you do have to match your program, and your program has to match your business model, and your business model has to match the flow of your facility, and the flow of the facility has to serve the clients in their goals, and those goals have to be in line with those exercises. So there’s all these aspects that kind of have to come together for this to work.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • The two main expenses in your business
  • The most important training tool you can have
  • Why it’s important to have a private exam room
  • The kind of space you need to create for your trainers
  • Optimal ceiling heights for your clinic gym space
  • The best way to make money in a clinic gym hybrid model
  • How to make the most out of your gym traffic
  • What dictates how your floor plan should be set up
  • Why your floor plan should be U-shaped
  • Why rolled-rubber flooring is the best flooring option.
  • What can help to visually distract patients from dirt and dust
  • The reason you should wait to buy turf
  • A tip for keeping your gym extra clean
  • Why you need to use every inch of your gym effectively

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Clinic Gym Radio
The Best Floor Plan For Your Clinic Gym

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