July 7

The Advantages of Small Group Training with Dan Kleckner

Dan Kleckner, the owner of Kutting Edge Fitness in Seattle, joins host Dr. Josh Satterlee to discuss effective business models and how he tackles running three different gym locations in various states. Dan focuses on small group training over large group training and explains why he chose to go that route. Transitioning from a cheaper, larger membership gym can be difficult, especially considering smaller gyms typically cost more money. Dan tells us about his approach to land new clients and gives us things to look for when onboarding a new gym and how to maximize your trial.

Dan’s classes are made for up to 8-16 people at a time, so he tells us about how he’s adjusted the classes and his business operations during COVID-19. Josh asks what Dan uses in the advertising world to drive business and how he markets his gym to specific target audiences.

We want to establish ourselves as experts in the area.” – Dan Kleckner

Other topics discussed include:

  • Battling the “big name” gyms
  • Managing a successful fitness team
  • Why Dan’s gym doesn’t have a lot of big gym equipment
  • Fitness “snobs” and customized solutions
  • Average length of gym memberships
  • The long-term benefits of paid advertising
  • Why word of mouth referrals aren’t always ideal
  • Growing and scaling your business to produce profit
  • The difference of marketing in suburban cities versus smaller, rural areas
  • Profit margins in bigger versus rural areas

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Contact Dan Kleckner:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @ke_fitness_kirkland @ke_fitness_issaquah

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danklecknerperformancecoach

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The Advantages of Small Group Training with Dan Kleckner

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