January 26

The 7 Benefits of Creating an Online Course for Your Patients

Today we are once again joined by marketing expert Jon Morrison. Jon heads up Get Clear marketing and Clinic Sites, a company that helps clinics create their website through Jane integration. In this episode, Jon discusses the 7 benefits of creating an online course for your patients, story branding, and how to show to your community that you are an authority in your industry.

“Usually, the way this broken world works is that you have to fight to get to the top. I believe that the people listening to this are the kind of people that deserve to be at the top.”– Jon Morrison

Topics covered include:

  • Ways to show your community that you are an authority and why it’s important.
  • The importance of creating a specific niche to target.
  • Why you need to use story branding.
  • How showing empathy for your patient’s problems creates a better relationship.
  • Making client education a priority.
  • Understanding and communicating your message.
  • The benefits of creating an online course.
  • How online courses create marketing opportunities.
  • Improving your impact through online course creation.
  • Building trust with your audience.
  • Going from ‘a chiropractor’ to ‘THE chiropractor’.
  • Creating clarity in your own thinking to become a better clinician.
  • How online course creation nurtures free time in your future.
  • Online courses as an added revenue stream.
  • Types of online courses you can offer.
  • Developing your own intellectual property.
  • Marketing in your practice.


Get Clear: https://getclear.ca

Clinic Sites: https://www.clinicsites.co

Contact Jon: [email protected]

Find out more about Clinic Gym Connect: https://www.clinicgymconnect.com

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The 7 Benefits of Creating an Online Course for Your Patients

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