March 31

Strength Training Innovation with Josh Henkin

Today we are joined by Josh Henkin, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is also the creator of The Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT, which stands for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training. Josh was a big basketball player growing up, spending every day at the court, but at age 14 he suffered a bad ankle injury that took him out of the game. It was in college where his injury flared up again and he became highly involved in strength conditioning. He loves strength conditioning because, with a plan and consistent effort, you can be sure you will always make big strides forward. In 2005, he created The Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT along with physical therapist Jessica Bento. This training is focused on matching the natural movement of the body and giving real results in the shortest time frame.

“Yes, you need to be strong, but just being strong isn’t enough for you to move well. You need to be accurate too.” – Josh Henkin

Topics covered include:

  • Josh’s journey to developing a new strength conditioning tool
  • What shocked Josh about strength training back in the day
  • What goes into developing a new strength training system
  • The first types of sets Josh built
  • Looking at strength training holistically
  • Finding a happy medium between price and quality with training products
  • The different iterations of Josh’s sandbag designs
  • The importance of basic training with strength conditioning
  • Emphasizing a system over a product
  • Building rehab education for clients
  • Rehab exercises where the sandbag really shines
  • Using the correct equipment for different exercises

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Strength Training Innovation with Josh Henkin

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